Why Study Music?

Expression & Communication :
“Music is a way to express yourself. Through music you can show people your feelings and interests.” – Talia

“Music is a universal language and you can take it wherever you go.” – Khalil

“Music is an art and skill that allows you to communicate with others. You build a lot of maturity and intelligence by studying music because it takes patience and serious commitment. You learn to respect others in your musical groups that inspire you, and learn to multitask. With music, you are introduced to a whole new world where you get to meet a lot of different kinds of people.” – Manna

Personal Identity & Self-Confidence:
“Music makes a person. Your instrument embodies you. Did I ever think that me, the shy girl would pick something like the trumpet? I learned who I was through trumpet, and now its a part of me.” – Former Student

“Initially, I didn’t fit in with the music program because I hadn’t been participating for very long. I didn’t know that being a part of band was such a time commitment, so I sometimes struggled with not having as much time to do things like homework. [But] eventually, I made friends, got in my comfort zone, and discovered that I loved being involved with my school.” – Former Student

Work Ethic & Life Skills:
“I wonder where I would be today if I had not been empowered to strive for more…band helped me to develop a dream to want to be better.” – Former Student

“Music is self-discipline. It helps our academics, teaches us to work hard to achieve our goals. Music is also a great place to learn good attitude and sportsmanship. Music pushes you to your highest level of skill an makes you take it further. It helps you make good practice methods and teaches you how to be dedicated to a group instead of just yourself.” – Former Student

“Music gives you another thing to look forward to. It helps clear the mind and make sure you are ready for whatever is next. It also helps you learn to be patient because playing the right rhythms and notes may not always come fast.” – Former Student

“I learned that you are the only person who can make yourself the best.” – Former Student

“Music helps us all in some way, whether it’s pushing our brains to be more creative, or just encouraging our learning of new instruments. It definitely helped me make a better use of my time, and created a passion for playing my beloved instruments. It also helped build my leadership and responsibility skills.” – Former Student

“Music is already, in itself, very broad, considering all the different genres and all the different ways of playing and why. But what I think is outstanding to me is not the traveling, not the fame, if applicable, not the friends you’ll make, not the skills you’ll learn, but just growing in life, and through music. It’s excellent for expressing yourself, and it’s something that brings smiles to faces, including yours, and joy is the ultimate motivation for me, as well as becoming mature, taking responsibilities, and striving for perfection, all aspects of a successful and meaningful life.” – Former Student

“[Music] brings opportunities you can’t get anywhere else, like performing at the Carnegie Hall in NY, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, or even touring outside of the country!” – Manna

“My best moment was the awards ceremony in Disneyland. The cheering people, the huge stadium – I didn’t forget anything. Winning all those awards showed me that Redwood wasn’t just another middle school band. Because of that I worked so much harder the next year.” – Random Music Student

“[When I was struggling…] the older and more experienced members of the flute section immediately lent a hand whenever I needed it, which I am still very grateful for. In addition, I did not hesitate to consult the directors if I had any question. Gradually, I became very comfortable in the environment, when I knew I was never alone, and had about 100 other band mates there beside me. It really made a difference because I learned that nothing was as complicated as it seemed.” – Former Student

“Although I [moved here] halfway through the year I felt like I fit right in perfectly.” – Former Student

“Music becomes a huge part of your life. You make many more friends, get to know each other well, and really enjoy the music! Just participating requires lots of effort, but the result is totally worth it.” – Former Student

“Every year, each band we are in, we are in a big connected family. We meet great new people each year. The music makes such an impact that it is almost impossible to not have at least one friend in the music department. And you could easily make new friends from there too. We are what makes the music department great. We are a family, and I will greatly miss that.” – Former Student

“Being in the music department certainly had tons of memorable moments. For me, the highlights were spending time with my friends at band competitions, bonding with my sections, and meeting some of the most caring to bizarre (in a good way) people in my whole life!” – Former Student

“My most memorable moments would have to be making new friends, and bonding with all sorts of people, no matter how close, and being in an environment with people who have the same passion as you do. Of course, being out on trips and traveling especially helped, and the entire time, from riding on the bus to riding the rides in Disneyland, was a time of my life that I will never forget, no matter which path I take in the future. Rehearsing music with the group, definitely, when everything was perfect, and I would be panting but smiling because of the effort everybody put in to master such awesome music.” – Former Student

“The interconnection; the almost tangible bonds that were formed that seemed to weave each and every one of us into a bigger tapestry of teamwork; I will not recall names our perhaps even faces – but I will forever grasp dearly the sensible aurora of collective energy. When each and every person forced themselves to conform to the welfare of the band, when each action of each person was conducive to the band’s betterment, was when we thrived. And yet, a shortcoming by any individual could deteriorate the incomparable, intense focus. Yet, from those special, almost mystical moments of pure cooperation, I will take a thousand life lessons.” – Nihar

“I find music very fun to play and interesting to listen to. It is also very mentally challenging because it uses lots of math and memorization. Band is also a great group activity and requires a lot of synchronization and cooperation.” – Uday

“When you compare music with other extracurricular activities, it is a tough comparison, as music stands alone as something unique and distinguished. Many say music is for everyone, which is true. But only the ones with the right mindset and goal will reach the very top of musicianship. Making music, especially with others the same age as you, can be a wonderful feeling, maybe one of the best sensations that you could never get anywhere else. Musicians work hard, but if you’ve ever heard a professional group perform, you’d know why they do it. Once you join, you’re in it to win it.” – Former Student

“For me, music is a reservoir of cooperation and unity. In no other activity do you experience the indestructible sense of one. Forever, I will feel tethered to my teammates; I have learned that in a team, any blemish in an individual’s performance is detriment to the group. Any one’s lack of dedication is an injury inflicted into everybody else. But most of all, band has taught us an undeniable sense of harmony.” – Nihar

Joy: “Music for me is just supposed to be a fun thing. It’s something that you can enjoy without stressing out too much. It might be true about how music makes you smarter, or it might be a sign of your intelligence, but I just take it as a stress reliever or something that I can look forward to after a difficult exam or a long project.” – Former Student

“Music has always seemed to be a part of my life…I always see music as a challenge and something that I can always improve on. And when that something does improve, then there is that feeling of satisfaction! Also, I can’t really imagine my life without music right now.” – Former Student

The Complete Experience: “I haven’t found any activity that matches the pure enjoyment of creating music…Music is, in my opinion, one of the best ways to express yourself. Being part of a group really teaches you to cooperate and work together as a section. Once you hear the balanced sound of you and the rest of the band combined, you will just want to keep playing…Music has made me and everyone else in the music program better people. Not to mention, music is extremely good for the brain. You have to subdivide, blow air, move your fingers, control dynamics, look up, play accidentals and key signatures, etc…all at once! Though challenging, it is very fun.” – Former Student

“[Through music] you make new friends, you learn to have commitment and responsibility, you appreciate a very important branch of the arts, and you get a feeling every time you experience music that empowers you and keeps you loving life.” – Former Student

“Eventually, as I grew up, I learned to let things go, and that in order to get anything done, I would have to do my best, and doing my best required lots of effort…I would be asking myself, “Is this burden worth it?” Joy. No better reward than feeling, living the music, and that’s what it’s all about. The music can best be expressed if you made it yourself, and pure joy comes out of nowhere, blending into all other sounds of your performance. I’m not exactly sure if it makes sense; but then again, it may not supposed to be. Music is life, in a sense, and it molds your character unlike anything else.” – Former Student